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Termites Are Terrible!

Termites Eat Wood

Termites are beneficial to the environment since they assist decay fallen trees, allowing nutrients to return to the ground. Unfortunately, Termites are unable to discern your property from the natural world.

Termites Will Eat Your Home

A proper termite treatment can prevent you from being a part of these statistics, with $5 billion in termite damage every year to properties. We provide traditional liquid treatments and bait stations. Reliable Termite Control's preventative treatments will keep your home in Turlock, CA safe from termites.

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Protect Your Home From Termites

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We Understand Termites

Protecting Your Home From Termites

When it comes to termites, neglect of a termite infestation can cost you thousands. Having termites is so much more than a simple inconvenience.

We Know Termites

Reliable Termite Solutions' objective is to safeguard houses in Turlock CA from termite infestation. When it comes to protecting homeowners, new home purchasers, and commercial properties from termite damage, you can rest confident that our highly trained termite inspection experts have the most effective techniques available. Termite Control is an important aspect when building a pest control program.

No Home In Turlock is the Same

Every home, building, and scenario is unique, which is why our team of termite control experts knows that no two situations are alike. We are a termite extermination business that is dedicated to training our termite specialists and giving them with the finest training in new construction, structural, and effective termite control methods. Able to provide you with the greatest answers.​

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Reliable Termite Solutions is a full-service termite control company that can meet the demands of our homes, realtors, new home builders, real estate investors, and more in Turlock. We have a long history of offering exceptional client service and quality of work. With over 40 years of combined expertise, we have a track record of outstanding customer care and service.​

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Do you require termite treatment or even a termite inspection in near me? If you live in Turlock, CA, you are in luck! For years, Reliable's termite control unit has been serving Turlock and the neighboring areas with excellent results. We particularly enjoy keeping our community free of termite infestations.

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