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Is It Worth Getting An Exterminator For Ants?

Over The Counter Ant Control Products Are Not Effective

Yes, hiring an ant exterminator like Reliable Termite Solutions in most cases will be the only way a homeowner will be able to solve an ant issue. Most of the over the counter ant control products will be able to kill an ant on contact, however, all of these over the counter ant control products will not handle the thousands of ants that you currently do not see. After treating an area with over the counter ant control products ants will then avoid that area, and then just pop up in a new area.

Over The Counter Ant Control Products That Help

Even though over the counter ant control products are not effective in eliminating an ant colony, you can hold them at bay and buy you some time by placing ant bait stations outside of your home. Pest control for ants using bait outside can help kill off ant scouts before they make their way into your home. This method is by no means a silver bullet for ants, but it can help!

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A Proven Effective 3 Step Ant Control Process

You will see very quickly that we ant control very seriously. We have developed a tried and true system to deliver amazing ant control every time. Our secret to providing effective, long-lasting ant control services is actually pretty straight forward. We do the same thing each and every time... we inspect, plan, and control

Turlock Ant Control Inspection Near Me

1. Ant Inspection

Our expert technicians conduct a thorough ant inspection, identifying ant infestations and potential nesting sites. Our ant inspection ensures an accurate understanding of what will need to be done to eliminate your ant infestation.

Turlock Ant Control Strategy

2. Ant Control Strategy

Based on the ant inspection findings, we develop a tailored ant control plan, utilizing eco-friendly ant treatments that target the ants. This customized ant extermination approach guarantees effective, long-lasting ant control.

Turlock Ant Control Service Near Me

3. Ant Control Service

Our team expertly executes the ant control service, adhering to the devised plan. We effectively eliminate ants treating their nests directly as well as their ant trails with effective ant control products.

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