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Reliable Termite Solutions takes pride in handling our client's pest control problems quickly, as well as providing an amazing experience  with our extermination services.  We are Modesto's favorite pest control team of extermination professionals for a reason

  • Our Pest Control Team Shows Up On Time
  • Our Friendly Pest Control Professionals Are Friendly :-)
  • Our Local Extermination Experts Know Modesto's Pest Control Needs
  • Our Team Of Pest Control Guru's Deliver RESULTS!

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If there are ever any issues with the service you receive let us know and we would love to make it right!

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Reliable Pest Control Solutions
Reliable Pest Control Solutions

Our Secret To Effective Pest Control

Our team of pest control experts have developed a repeatable extermination process that gets results! Without a understanding exactly what is goin on at your Modesto home, a one sized fits all pest control treatment will fail. For example, ants, spiders, cockroaches, rodents and termites all require a different approach and classification of pest control products.

Pest Control Inspection

Modesto Pest Control Inspection

Our Modesto pest control professionals will not perform and extermination measures until a proper pest control inspection has been performed. We believe that indiscriminately spraying pest control products without knowing what the needs of your Modesto home is not only outright lazy, but can actually make pest control issue worse! A thorough pest control inspection will allow us to identify your exact pest control problem help us come up with an extermination plan that works.

Pest Control Plan

Modesto Pest Control Plan

A pest control plan is key to performing a pest control service that will effectively exterminate the nasty little critters at your home. As we spoke about before, an exterminator must properly asses your Modesto home, Identifying whether your are dealing with ants, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, termites or other pests properly before servings. The diversity of pest control products or methods used at home required thoughtfulness in order to puzzle together the best extermination approach.

Pest Control Treatment

Modesto Pest Control Treatments

Once a pest control plan has been formulated, the professional exterminator at your home will begin executing the pest control plan. By exterminating dangerous pests and performing our services in an environmentally sound manner, you can rest assured that we will keep your family safe! Our targeted extermination treatments allow us to solve your pest control problems fast! After we have completed your pest control treatment we will email you a full report of what we did.

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Modesto Pest Control FAQs

These are some of the most common questions we get about our pest control services in Modesto.

What are the most common pests in Modesto?

Ants, cockroaches and spiders are the most common calls we get in the Modesto area. In the winter time we also get a lot of calls for rodents like rats and mice.

Do you offer free reservices?

We stand behind our pest control services 100% and if you home is in need of a reservice then we will be happy to treat the affected area again.

Are your pest control services safe for bees?

Yes! we protect our pollinators. We take our stewardship of the environment seriously and living here in Modesto we know how important it is to protect our bees! We pay careful attention and do no treat in any way that would hurt the bees.

Will I get the same technician at every service?

We do our best to line up your pest control service with the same pest control technician, however, due to our growth as a company, occasionally your pest control technician will change. We do a great job taking notes, and in our communication to ensure we do not miss a beat and always deliver the best pest control services no matter who shows up at your door.

How often do you recommend a Modesto Home to be serviced?

Most Modesto homes would be best service with an every other month pest control service. We have experimented with a quarterly (once every 3 month) pest service, however this resulted in 11% of these clients calling us back out in between services which was not fun for us or them.

Are you currently hiring pest control technicians?

We are always on the look out for quality people to join our pest control team. Even if we do not have any current positions open, we would love to get in contact with you and see if you might be a good fit for a future position. Just give us a call and lets chat!

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we do! If you pay for a year of pest control in advance we will take 5% off of your cost of services for the year!

What makes your pest control company so special?

Our team of pest control experts is what we think makes us so special, we hire people based off of integrity and personality. We want to make sure that the person we send to your home to perform your pest control services has your best interests in mind. We also believe in hiring pest control techs who actually like and enjoy being around people.

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Rodent Control Modesto Specialists

Your Trusted Rodent Exterminator Modesto Company

We Know Rodent Control!

Trained & Certified Modesto Rodent Control Experts

A keen eye for rodents is of primary importance when attempting to perform a pest control service where rats and mice are involved. Our pest control team in Modesto, not only takes care of rats and mice regularly, but our team spends hours in the classroom doing pest control training each year.

  • Our Rodent Control & Pest Control Training Exceeds The State Requirements
  • We Believe That Investing In Our Team Of Pest Control Professionals Matters
  • Our Rodent Control Specialist Perform Rodent Services Every Day!

Pest Control For Rats & Mice Is Different

Our rodent control experts hold a deep understanding of how rats and mice behave. When performing rat control, understanding their cautious nature requires a certain approach, whereas, when performing mouse control, their curious nature allows us to use a differing approach.

When It Comes to Rodent Trapping - We Can Do That!

Rodent trapping involves more than simply sticking some bait onto a rat or mouse trap. A rodent control expert must know what rodent (rats or mice) are needing to be trapped, where to place the rat or mouse trap, as well as what rodent bait needs to be used which can vary.  Our rodent extermination team are Modesto's true rodent control specialists when it comes to trapping, baiting & rodent exclusion for mice and rats. Reliable Termite Solutions will take care of your rodent issues fast and keep them away!

Rodent Pest Control Modesto CA

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Modesto Rodent Control

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We are so grateful that you found our local termite & pest control company. We are based in Stanislaus County, and we have technicians in Modesto, Patterson, Turlock and the surrounding areas every week. When searching for a pest control Modesto CA company you are looking for the best pest control in Modesto... Well you found it :-) Just check out our reviews! We are eager to speak to you!