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Termite Inspection Ripon CA

We offer the most comprehensive, reliable termite inspections in the Ripon area. We take our time to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best decisions regarding your home or potential purchase of a home or property.

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Looking For A Termite Inspection?

Termite Inspection Ripon CA

The Hidden Enemy

Your home is one of the largest purchases in your life, as well as one of your greatest investments. The integrity and value of a home can literally be eaten away by termites without you knowing. The average size of a colony is 3000 and they will feed on wood 24 hours a day. Termite Control is one of our most important pest control services we perform.

5 Billion Dollars In Damage a year!

​With Termites creating billions of dollars in damage a year. Control of these nasty critters should be at the top of your mind when purchasing a home. We recommend ordering an inspection for your existing home or business every 2-5 years. Getting ahead of an infestation before they start really destroying your home is extremely important.

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Inspections We Offer

Real Estate Inspections

Real Estate Termite Inspection Ripon CA

Before you purchase a home you must get a real estate inspection. The risk of not really knowing what is going on with your house is not worth it. Trust Us...

Routine Inspections

Routine Termite Inspection Ripon Ca

Like we said before, an inspection every 2-5 years is cheap insurance. Routine inspections will guarantee the integrity of your home for a lifetime!

Pre-Construction Inspections

Pre Construction Termite Inspection Ripon CA

Doing a pre-construction inspection and treatment will give you the confidence that your new home is protected.

Which Type Of Inspection Are You Looking For?

Our Process

Our inspections are comprehensive and will expose any wood destroying organisms that may be affecting your home or potential home.

Termite Inspector Ripon Ca


We inspect your home for all wood-destroying organisms like powder post beetles, carpenter ants, dry rot, or fungus.

Termite Inspection Report Ripon CA


Our detailed report that we create after our inspection will outline everything you need to know about your property or potential property.

Termite Treatment Ripon


Our reports will give you a list of items that must be completed, along with a quote for any treatments or repairs. We have your back and are ready to help!

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Things We Look For During Our Inspections

Ripon Termite inspection Evidence Tubes


In Ripon, subterranean termites create distinct pathways using a combination of mud and excrement. These mud tubes function as transportation networks, linking the soil directly to your home. If you are on a raised foundation, these tubes can be found under the your home.

Ripon Termite inspection Evidence Wings


After swarming from their colony, termites shed their wings, leaving them behind as they seek out a new habitat. These discarded wings can frequently be discovered near window sills or caught in spider webs, serving as evidence of activity in Ripon.

Ripon Termite inspection Evidence Drywall Damage

Damaged Drywall

Termites have a voracious appetite for cellulose-containing materials, and drywall, with its composition of paperboard, becomes an attractive and readily accessible food source.

Ripon Termite inspection Evidence Wood Damage

Hollowed Out Wood

Indicators of termite presence within your home may manifest as blistered wood flooring, baseboards, door frames, or window areas. These signs suggest that these pests have been actively feeding and causing damage from within.

Termite Inspection Evidence Ripon CA

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Termites Fear Reliable!

Experience superior termite control with our expert services! Our termite inspectors utilize advanced detection techniques, recommend eco-friendly treatments, and preventative measures, ensuring long-lasting protection for your property.

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Our Team

Our team of termite control professionals spend hours every day taking care of home all throughout Ripon. Not only does our team of experts do this work day in and day out, but we spend hours every year in training.

We Go Above and Beyond

In order to perform these pests there are a certain number of hours a person must spend in training. We do not believe in just doing the minimum. Our training exceeds the state standards by a long shot.

We Exceed The State Requirements

We believe that surpassing the state standards in WDO control education is one of the main reasons our team of experts are so good at what they do!

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Homeowners in Central Valley trust our team of inspectors to find potential WDO issues and have a solution for what might be uncovered.